Lena Headey To Lead Action-Thriller ‘Ballistic’
Posted by Veronique on Feb 18, 2024

Lena Headey To Lead Action-Thriller ‘Ballistic’ With Amybeth McNulty Co-Starring

Game Of Thrones star Lena Headey is set to reprise her role as an avenging mother in action-thriller Ballistic.

The 300 star will play alongside Amybeth McNulty (Stranger Things) in the project about a mother (Headey) who works for an ammunition manufacturing company but is devastated when her son serving in Afghanistan is killed. Despair gives way to rage and a desire for revenge when she discovers it was a bullet from her factory that was responsible for her son’s death.

Red Sea Media is handling worldwide sales on the movie, which is written and directed by Chad Faust (Girl). Producers are Thomas Michael of Fella Films (Backcountry) and executive producers are David Tish and Lee Nelson of Envision Media Arts (The Ice Road), and Roman Kopelevich and Crystal Hill of Red Sea Media.

The film is currently in pre-production, with Red Sea Media launching ahead of the upcoming European Film Market. Pic is financed and executive-produced by BondIt Media Capital; Luke Taylor negotiated the structure with the filmmakers and RSM. Photon Films has Canadian rights.

The sales deal was negotiated by Roman Kopelevich on behalf of Red Sea Media and Danny Webber of Hall Webber on behalf of the filmmakers.

Headey will next be seen in Netflix series The Abandons. Faust wrote and directed the mystery thriller Girl starring Bella Thorne and Mickey Rourke. He also wrote the upcoming Dangerous Odds, directed by Marc Forster. Anne With An E actress McNulty recently starred in movie Maternal.

“This is a compelling script about the impact on everyday families of our military industrial complex and Americas’ near constant state of war, from Chad Faust and with Lena Headey as our lead. The film is a perfect fit for international audiences around the globe,” said Red Sea’s Roman Kopelevich.

Michael, Nelson, and Tish added: “We loved working with Faust on Girl and couldn’t be more delighted to get the band back together for this exciting thriller with a stellar cast.”

Headey is repped by CAA and TMT Entertainment Group. Faust is repped by Intellectual Property Group.

Source: deadline.com

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